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  Mary Tocco of Michigan Opposing Mandatory Shots (MOMS) delivers one of the most compelling presentations on the dangers of vaccines. Mary tells her story beginning with her decision to resist vaccinating her children through to the process of research and discovery supporting her decision. Mary's 26 years of vaccine research and activism has resulted into a 2-hour, 24-minute presentation that combines history, experience, logic, science and corporate-neutral compassion into a lesson that parents and professionals alike can understand. Plus, Mary is so lovely and her voice so pleasingly strong that it is effortless and enjoyable to follow her reasoning into adopting an informed opinion regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines.
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Video Review –
Are Vaccines Safe?
Presented by Mary Tocco

When we sat down to review Mary Tocco’s DVD presentation Are Vaccines Safe? we were quite impressed with her ability to bond with parents most pressing questions concerning vaccines. She covers her topic in a logical format, initially exploring what we have been told about vaccines by the media, educational institutions and our society. She explores each vaccine “myth” with logic, personal experience and documentation. Mary gives her audience the right amount of science for the average parent: just enough to lend credibility but not so much that the presentation gets bogged down in details. She cites her sources always encouraging parents to do their own research regarding this important health care decision. Topics covered include the autism/vaccine connection; SIDS/SBS and vaccines; how vaccine are made; common ingredients in vaccines; the known risks of vaccines; how to determine if your child is suffering from a vaccine reaction; how to appropriately deal with a sick child; and our rights as parents to make health care decisions for our children. Since many parents want to defer their medical decisions to medical doctors, Mary Tocco wisely utilized Dr. DeMio, MD in the introduction and closing of her presentation on vaccines.

Mary Tocco has been in the health care field for over 26 years spending 23 of those years managing and promoting a chiropractic clinic in Michigan. Mary and chiropractor Sam Tocco are parents to five healthy children. Before having their first child 25 years ago, they had the opportunity to research childhood vaccines and made the decision to not vaccinate their children. She became actively involved in Michigan when a bill was introduced that threatened to remove Michigan’s "Philosophical Exemption" to waive vaccines. She got involved with Michigan Opposing Mandatory Shots (MOMS), a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the right of parents to waive vaccines if they choose, and the group successfully stopped the bill from passing. Mary’s involvement with MOMS was the beginning of a dedicated, passionate career of educating and reaching out to parents across the country. Mary has been sharing and encouraging parents to be pro active in the health care of their family, utilizing natural, holistic and health promoting concepts for raising their children. She gave birth to four of their five children at home with mid-wives, is a promoter of breastfeeding, supports home education and is a dedicated Christian. She has been on the board of MOMS since 1995 and has been the Director of Vaccine Research and Education since 1996. Mary’s personal goal with her presentation is to “expose the deception and greed that fuels the vaccine industry and help parents to understand what they must do to promote their family’s health.”

If you are looking for a convincing presentation for that “dyed in the wool” pro-vaccinator in your midst, this is the one DVD you want to make sure they watch.

Are Vaccines Safe? 2 hours, 24 min. – DVD. $20