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Start a VacLib Chapter in Your State

Our vision is to create a network of vaccine awareness groups in which we encourage each group to do effective outreach in their states and communities while minimizing their energy on items we can do for them. We can assist by effectively publicizing the existence of your group, being part of a national referral network, and enabling groups to disseminate VacLib literature enmass.

  • Each chapter/group that wants to be linked to us must join our group at full member price ($30) to get our complete membership packet. An additional $20 will be requested from each group to cover copying expenses, phone call support, development of literature and webpages specific for their state. [$50 total]

  • Each group can be linked to us by agreeing to our Mission Statement. New state chapters are encouraged to name their group V.I.A.L. For example, Vaccine Information And Liberation — Pennsylvania Chapter. For states that have more than one group, the geographic area will describe their chapter. For example, Philadelphia Chapter or South Idaho Chapter. The name is not a requirement to join our network; just strongly encouraged.

  • Our logo — due to the current political climate, we will encourage groups to use the "no forced needle" logo as a symbol that unifies our groups. Some groups will want to use the logo of the multi-cultural babies with one baby holding a needle. We are flexible and will send you what you want — up to a point.

  • Each chapter will be able to have a page or pages on our website. A section on the home page is titled "State Chapters". This link will take the viewer to a page listing existing chapters and a link to their web pages. Links to chapter pages will also be listed on our 'Index of Articles' page. Website submissions will be sent directly to our webservant Dewey Duffel.

  • Each chapter is entitled to a page in our quarterly newsletter as well as a listing of their special event or workshops in our calendar of events. Many people are interested in utilizing our support group format. This format involves a series of four monthly meetings spanning four months, similar to La Leche League support group meetings. The focus of each meeting is as follows:
    1)Why Do We Vaccinate?       2) Are Vaccines Really Safe and Effective? 
    3)Do We Have to Vaccinate?   4) Can We Immunize Without Vaccines? 
    Some groups may want to combine the first two meetings and the last two meetings, alternating them. Other groups may prefer simply to make it known they are available to talk to service organizations or other support groups on the topic of vaccination.

  • Each chapter will be responsible for individual memberships in their states. They are encouraged to charge the same price for membership as VacLib's current membership fees. They must develop their own membership packet that is specific for their state's laws, using our packet as a template. Our quarterly newsletter, The VacLib Letter is designed to be a source of inspiration and support for your grassroots efforts and can be purchased in quantities through VacLib for distribution to your members and at support group meetings. Chapters that wish to purchase books and tapes at wholesale prices will be given this information upon request. The 20% discount on all our books and tapes applies to all chapter leaders who have joined VacLib as Full members as well as all members who have joined their chapter at the Full ($30) or higher level of membership.

  • Chapters that are East of the Mississippi River will have the assistance of VacLib co-director Wendy Callahan in networking your community and state. Chapters that are West of the Mississippi River will have the assistance of VacLib director Ingri Cassel. Any state needing assistance with obtaining a lawful exemption to a "mandated" vaccine or vaccines, including the tuberculin tine test, should contact VacLib co-director Donna Carrillo.

  • VacLib chapter directors and co-directors will be on Ingri's VacLib direct email list. All members and chapter directors will be encouraged to join the Vaccination Liberation Yahoo Group — a private list for information and support. Chapter leaders will send meeting reminders and some state specific information directly to their email list of state members. Items of national interest can be sent directly to Ingri for national email distribution.
  • Literature — chapters that develop their own literature are encouraged to have the VacLib Board review it. It is always wise to have feedback. If the VacLib board finds the flyer accurate, well written and well laid out, it will be posted on our website under downloadable literature and possibly used for national distribution. Otherwise chapters should use our literature, adjusted with their contact information on it. Bob Flint, Wendy Callahan or Ingri will work with each chapter's director in developing their tri-fold and other pertinent literature.
  • Vaccination Liberation is a grassroots volunteer network and will only thrive when we have our priorities straight. If you are married and have children, your first priority is to your spouse and your second priority is as a parent. Your volunteer energies promoting VacLib's Mission Statement should be done as a hobby and in your spare time. The minimum requirement to direct a chapter is to know the exemption laws in your state regarding vaccine administration and be available to assist anyone via phone or email to obtain a lawful exemption to state mandated vaccination requirements. Until a co-director in any state comes forward, V.I.A.L. chapter directors are encouraged to limit their VacLib volunteer energies to email and phone help.

Email or call Ingri Cassel or Wendy Callahan if you are inspired by this opportunity to serve humanity. We are living in a time of mass awakening. It is truly an honor to have you join us as we endeavor to help our friends and neighbors discover the power of natural healing and dismantle the "vaccine machine" in the process. Compulsory vaccination laws are a violation of the most fundamental of human rights, the right to decide what we will or will not put into our bodies, and must be repealed for the sake of future generations.

Ingri Cassel, director
Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 235
Hayden, ID 83835

Wendy Callahan, director
V.I.A.L. — Central Florida Chapter
P.O. Box 1692
Hawthorne, Florida 32640
Dewey Duffel
Webservant for Vaccination Liberation
1480 Blue Slide Road
Thompson Falls, MT 59873 OR

Donna Carrillo, co-director
Vaccination Liberation
P.O. Box 517
Cocolalla, ID 83813

Vaccination Liberation - Idaho Chapter
Contact: Vaccination Liberation

"Free Your Mind....From The Vaccine Paradigm"

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