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Mississippi Denies Parents the Right to Informed Consent

Mississippi has high parental compliance to childhood vaccination. Now, this may seem like a wonderful thing to some at first glance, but upon further examination, it is revealed that our vaccination policies are doing nothing to improve the overall health of our state. We have the highest infant mortality rate. Obviously our high vaccination rates are not producing the ONE result any reasonable person would expect to see, which is a lower infant morality rate.

In addition, the manner in which our high vaccination rates are obtained is through a blatant violation of parental rights. 48 states (all but West Virginia and Mississippi) allow non-medical exemptions for those parents who wish to decline one or more vaccinations. We have only a rarely-granted medical exemption.

These states who have non-medical exemptions do not experience epidemic outbreaks as a result of these exemptions, which serves to disprove the notion that looser exemption policies would bring more disease in Mississippi. In fact, there is no scientific proof backing the theory that unvaccinated or partially vaccinated children are a threat to the public more so than fully vaccinated children.

There have been documented cases of disease outbreaks in mostly and fully vaccinated communities. Some of the vaccines are not even known to decrease transmission from person to person. Immunity is a very individual condition which is unique to every person, vaccinated or not. There are far too many factors which determine immunity than vaccination status. (If true immunity were desired by the state, it would require that each and every child have titers run to confirm adequate antibody levels.)

Ask any parent who has attempted to obtain a medical exemption and you will find that it is a joke. The process seems reasonable at first: If a child’s medical doctor feels that the child should not be vaccinated, that doctor can write an exemption. However, in an utter disregard to the doctor's expertise and the individual medical condition of the child, the State Regional health officer can then simply throw the exemption out, and usually does.

Parents who have a story or specific complaint about this system should email me at

What does this mean for parents who are seeking to decline one or more vaccines, and cannot homeschool? They are forced to move out of Mississippi or submit their child to every vaccine on the schedule. Vaccine reactions or injuries which result from this are then the parents’ problems, as the vaccine manufacturers and state are not legally liable. (That’s right; they’ve managed, somehow, to have their cake and eat it too.)

This is a clear violation of a parent’s right to informed consent in medical care. Informed consent is something we all deserve to have: It's the right to be fully informed of all of the risks and benefits of a medical procedure, and the right to consent OR REFUSE the procedure. This problem calls for a public outcry. We need to demand the same rights as parents have in most every other state in this country: the right to informed consent.

Feel free to contact me day or night to discuss this matter. I want your personal stories, complaints, fears, and demands! We can change this situation but we all need to work together…contact me and I’ll tell you how you can help. You don’t need to be anti-vaccine to be concerned about this matter; you need only to understand that vaccines hold risks and parents deserve the right to refuse without penalty.

Kellie Bischof


We highly recommend these websites: ,   | ,  | ,   | ,   |   and .

You can call your representative for a copy of the medical exemptions.

You can also call your District Office of the Health Department.

You can also write the state for :

Certificate of Medical Exemption (Form 122)---Children

Certificate of Medical Exemption (Form 132)---Adults

Attitude of WIC toward vaccination:
Vaccinations are not required but are urged upon WIC recepients.

We need all the support we can get. If you want to help or just have questions please call or e-mail. If anyone from Mississippi has avoided vaccines for their kids and were able to send them to day-care or school please contact us. Our email. is posted above.

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